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Himalayan salt detox massage bar

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Himalayan Salt Soap contains 100% natural Himalayan salt mined from the foothills of the Himalayas. Containing 84 trace elements, the salt minerals naturally kill bacteria which in turn eliminates odour. Used on a regular basis, this crystal soap can help minimise skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, dry or oily skin, acne, and bacterial and fungal skin infections. It acts as an effective natural antibacterial alternative for people who are sensitive or allergic to chemicals found in commercial soap

Himalayan Salt Soap is free of petrochemicals such as aluminium and paraben preservatives.

 Rub the salt soap bar on damp skin or soak in a salt soap bath every second day, for 20 minutes.


Rub over skin after shower. If bar is to harsh wet to permiate through the coth or soak in bath.

Salt crystal soap and massage bars are best used wrapped in a soft cloth or face wash

Follow these instructions to get the best out of your Himalayan Salt Soap.

  • dip in water and rub onto skin to cleanse and exfoliate
  • can use directly on the skin and on the whole body
  • wrap in a soft cloth if using on young or sensitive skin as the soap can be abrasive
  • can be used as an underarm deodorant
  • can apply to skin conditions
  • do not keep the soap wet as it can dissolve
  • the soap does not produce a lather
  • not to be used with regular soap
  • do not use on broken skin