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Let's talk about salts baby

By Afterpay Intergration May 19, 2018 0 comments

I am a mum and a strongly believe there is a natural way to treat almost anything that hinders you. So when I started Why So Salty it became my mission to bring you amazing natural products that I would happily use on myself and my 2 year old and bring a little bit of myself and my love for natural options to your home. And so my products were born.

I have 5 beautiful bathsalts and I thought I would tell you a little about them today, all my salts are enriched with magnesium, organic oils and essential oils.

STRESS is very earth blend with hints of cedarwood and bergamot. It will calm your mind and nourish your skin.

BALANCE I designed to meet the needs of the every day woman needing that little bit of calm amongst the crazy, it has a citrus scent and is packed with essential oils like patchouli and lavender. The magnesium will sooth ypur cramps and detox out any nasties from last night's wine.

FAIRY DREAMS came straight from the mind of a mum who wanted her toddler to sleep and so my mission began. Fairy dreams is getting great reviews everywhere for its calming effect on kids, packed with magnesium it also has chamomile, mandarin and Valerian to rock that babe right into fairy dreams. Thos blend is also great for pms, anxiety, colic and many other ailments.

HEMP SALTS. Hemp is absolutely amazing for our skin with an essential fatty acid make up likened to that of our own body's and is one of the closest things to it. Hemp oils is also anti inflammatory and antibacterial. My hemp bath salts are unscented as i love the natural smell of them and with one sniff my body gets excited for the benefits its about to enjoy.

RECOVERY- I have blended recovery to help the body heal. Packed with MAGNESIUM and calendula it will help speed up the healing process with bruises and blisters from the gym and the aching muscles that come with working out or having a flu. I have blended essential oils that are great for muscles and the respiratory system so whether you have worked out or missed work these salts are an essential to any home.

I can't wait for you to experience my products and I am also floating around if you have any questions or would like a custom bath blend.

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